Woman drown in water for half an hour; thinking dead no one helped until found she is alive

Middle aged woman flown in the steam for half an hour facing death. No one was offering her a helping hand thinking its dead body until she moved her hand. People informed the matter to police.

This was happened near koyilmukku Perangad School today morning. Edathwa koyilmukku kizhakkedath late thambi’s wife pushpa was the flown in the water. Incident happened when pushpa went near canal to check the water pump. She fell down to the canal and flown toll 100metres away. Five men named Suresh, anandu, Akhil, Johan, and Jobi saved pushpa, when they say the hand shaking.

She was taken to private hospital in Edtwa and later to Alappuzha medical college. As per the report from doctors she has overcome the critical stage.

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