Woman looses job for not wearing bra; Files human rights complaint against employer

Women being judged for what they wear and the harassment they face at the workplace have been part of a heated debate for a while now. In some cases women have been fired from their jobs for the most outrageous reasons.

Now a woman from Alberta has taken her employer to court for breaching human rights after she was told to wear a bra at work. Christina Schell was fired after she refused to wear a bra or undershirt while serving tables as part of an updated dress code.

She had stopped wearing bras two years ago because she felt the undergarment was horrible. The manager at the golf club told Christina that the rule was meant to protect her from members.

The 25-year-old chose to file a human rights complaint as men at the club didn’t have the same restrictions as women. A cook at McDonald’s also reported facing difficulties at work due to her decision to not wear a bra.

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