Why i don’t gets roles in malayalam cinema; ramya nambeesan on her unofficial ban

Malayalam movie industry is moving forward with novel concepts in cinema. But the heroines who have proved their talent in acting are not given new opportunities. Only a few star actors remain in casting.

Ramya Nambeesan is an actor who debuted in Mollywood as a child artist in 2000 and later became a heroine and playback singer in many films. She is all upset about the neglect faced from Malayalam cinema.

“The 2015 movie “Saigal Padukayanu” was the last Malayalam film I acted in. I don’t blame anyone. But I did not get any good offers from Malayalam industry after that. Tamil movie field is different. They never keep away the actors who once proved successful in the industry.

As I was active in Tamil cinema, I didn’t have to stay away from the field. Many actresses are keeping out of the industry because they don’t get any opportunities. We get chances in Tamil and Telugu but not in Malayalam. I don’t understand its reason,” Ramya said.

About two dozens of new projects have cast new faces as heroines. Heroine of Tovino Thomas starrer ‘Maradona’ Saranya and heroine of Sunny Wayne starrer ‘French Viplavam’ Arya Unni and female leads in about 20 other new movies are new faces.

About 90 percent of the films under making have cast new artists in the role of female leads. There is one thing clear about the flow of new faces in the movies. They will not demand high remuneration but just accept what they are offered. Thus film producers can reduce the budget.

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