‘We don’t tip terrorist’; waiter gets Islamophobic note instead of tip

A young man named Khalil Cavil was waiting tables at Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, Texas, like any other Saturday. At one point, he noticed one of his customers leave their table after paying the bill.

As usual, Khalil headed over to the now-empty table to collect the bill and his tip money. But instead of a tip, he found a message that would leave him, and later many on social media, much shaken.

“We don’t tip terrorist,” the customer had written on the bill, circling Khalil’s name in black ink. On that note, the customer, whom Khalil respectfully leaves unnamed, left zero tip on a $108 bill.

“At the moment I didn’t know what to think nor what to say, I was sick to my stomach,” Khalil wrote on Facebook as he shared a photo of the bill.

Speaking to local Texas channel KMID Big 2 News, Khalil said that the customer probably assumed he was Middle Eastern because of his first name, which means “friend” in Arabic.

In reality, Khalil was named so in memory of his dad’s best friend.

“My dad was in the military and a buddy that he was very close to, served with him; Khalil was killed in an accident, and so my dad just named me after him, one of his best friends,” the report quoted Khalil.

Showing that hate is not all that the world has left, many have left supportive comments on Khalil’s Facebook post, which has been shared as many as 17,811 times so far.

Many, as Khalil shared in a later post, have even sent him money, though Khalil pointed that is was “never about the tip nor the money”.

“It was about shedding a light on racism and sharing the love of Jesus,” Khalil wrote. “This will help other people spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to different places around the world.”

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