WCC against taking back Dileep into AMMA;Raises Seven questions

The Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) slams AMMA- the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists for taking back actor Dileep into its fold. They have opened up through their facebook page. They have raised seven questions against taking Dileep back in the body.

The questions raised BY WCC

1. Why did AMMA expel him in the first?
2. If they are reinstating now, then what change has taken place in the period between his expulsion and now?
3. Don’t you feel there is an anomaly in taking back a rape accused to the association even before the
investigation is over?
4. The survivor is also a part of the association, right?
5. Isn’t this decision to reinstate Dileep into the association of which the survivor is still a part of,
insulting her?
6. As a democratic organisation, what message does this decision send to the society?
7. As a person who is case is still under investigation, doesn’t this decision challenge the legal system of
the land?

In the AMMA general body meeting held in Kochi on Sunday, it was actor Urmila Unni asked to bring back Dileep..
Actor Dileep was removed from Amma on July 11, 2017, despite getting support from different corners of the industry. The decision was taken after Dileep was arrested for his alleged role in the conspiracy which led to the abduction and sexual assault of a prominent woman actor on February 17. With the police claiming that it had got “irrefutable evidence” linking the actor to the conspiracy, the removal of Dileep became unavoidable.

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