Water Drops that brought Tears!

Kerala have had the largest monsoon rainfall ever since 1924. The state has suffered such a tragedy when the state is in the process of hurting the cyclone.

Government has come up with many provisions to the victims of the calamities, do support the scheme with the government and be the helping hands for the most needed. There are many organisations came up for fund raising and the funds are not reaching the deserved ones. Many private organisations which has bloomed yesterday claimed to be genuine have come with the fund raising schemes which is not reaching the deserved people. So kindly support the campaign with government fund raising schemes without falling into the pitfalls of the fake organisation. You never change life until you step out of the comfort zone. Last few days have been an eye opener to witness the life can change in a few minutes. For many their homes have become the Past, a past to reference they have become homeless overnight. Do support the campaign through the proper channels. The government has come up with the following strategies to make the life of the miserable to a tacked ones.


According to preliminary estimates, there is a loss of around Rs 8,316 crore in the state. As many as 38 people were killed and four were reported missing. About 20,000 homes have been completely destroyed. 439 relief camps were started in the state. Nearly 10,000 km roads have been damaged. This is in addition to local roads and bridges. Many bridges are rebuilt or strengthened. Some areas are isolated.

There has been a massive loss of agricultural resources. This has also resulted in ecological problems that have been caused by spillage. There are 27 dams in Kerala to be opened as part of this. The rivers overflowed in many places. There was an outbreak in 215 locations. Widespread crops have also occurred. There are also families whose pets are the only source of income. Drinking water in cities has been disrupted. The issue of polluting the reservoirs increased.

Many people are going to have homes in the house and the house is being broken up. More than 60,000 people have already been sheltered in relief camps since the second phase of the floods. About 30,000 people are still dependent on relief camps. This will take a long time to return to normal life. In low-lying areas where water flows, still water and mud stays lying down.

Rescue operations

There have been unparalleled rescue operations. Ministers led the rescue operations in their respective districts. People’s representatives and political party representatives were active. Food, clothes, water, and sanitation could be set up without complaints. Government systems were active. The 24 hour running control rooms were functioning in the districts and the capital. Red alert announced after heavy rains. Rescue operations led by the Disaster Relief Officer, Air Force, Navy personnel, Coast Guard, Revenue Officers, Police and Fire force have been honoured. Volunteers were also active. The strength of the district collectors and the staff members who have been specially appointed to Ernakulam and Wayanad districts are notable. The delegation, including the Leader of the Opposition, visited the flood victims and discussed with the Union Home Minister. The government does not see any political party in relief work. Interest in the country and people is important.

The coordination and co-operation conducted at the state centre helped to improve rescue operations and reduce the impact of the disaster. Thanks to all the people who have forgotten their hands and hell to cope with unparalleled hardship, all those who cooperated in the rescue operations. Still requesting this cooperation.

Central intervention

Prime Minister and Union Ministers intervened and assisted them. The role and contribution of the Honourable Governor is exemplary. The Central Committee visited our state and understood the new situation before the visit was complete. Home Minister Rajnath Singh told reporters after visiting the affected areas and saying “the floods in Kerala are unusually serious”

The demand for immediate central assistance of Rs 1220 crore was presented before Rajnath Singh. The need to be based on the initial assessment. The state has also put forward the need to send the Central Committee again, since the actual loss of water can be estimated after the water has gone down. Considering the limitations of the National Disaster Management Fund’s guidelines, the demand for compensation for compensation has been raised.

Other aids

The chief ministers and political parties in neighbouring states were supporting and supporting the relief work. Many individuals and organizations within and outside the state have come forward to assist with relief work. Malayalis  around the globe  have voluntarily come forward to provide their own assistance. The media also contributed to the task of taking over as the country’s suffering.

Resident associations, social organizations, etc. were among those who helped. IT companies too were in the forefront of this. Those who were given to the relief fund for the celebrations, the other state distributed in the relief camp for sale, the first wage donor, After all, even as the dog was not too young, even the children sent money to their chief minister to thank him.


The following decisions have been taken by the Cabinet of Ministers to make common grounds and reconstructing our country.

  1. In addition to the intensification of floods and severe hardship, in addition to the earlier 193 villages, new 251 villages (444 villages) were declared as flood areas.
  2. To all families who have been staying for more than two days or have not been homeless, the government has decided to give Rs 10,000 as a relief package.
  3. The property which is completely destroyed or is totally free of cost is Rs. 4 lakhs and home and place of land has been allotted a maximum of Rs.6 lakh for purchase of 3 to 5 cents of land.
  4. (a) The employees of the public, public sector and company are requesting the employees to give a two-day remuneration to the relief fund.

(b) CSR / Public-rip Fund of Public Sector Undertakings Institutions are requested to contribute to CM’s Disaster Relief Fund.

  1. Commissions charged by public sector and cooperative banks for transfer of donations to the relief fund decided to ask the State Banking Committee to exclude exchange charges. The affiliates have agreed that the Commission may be obliged to transfer money through the UAE Exchange.
  2. The amount to be paid to the victims is to ask banks to avoid the minimum balance on accounts invested in bank accounts.
  3. The Adalats have been decided to organize adalaths at Grama Panchayat / Municipality / Corporation level in order to provide timely delivery of any kind of delay and no fee. Time will be allotted till September 30, 2018 to allow new documents without fee. Special adalats will be held on September 3-15.
  4. The decision was taken to specialize the ministers and a secretary-level officer in the district to organize the Adalats. The applications for documents would be accepted for free of Akshaya centers and the Government would be able to get the fee payable to Akshaya centers
  5. A cabinet subcommittee was appointed to make and take necessary decisions to provide compensation for time-related relief.Shri. EP Jayarajan, Shri. E. Chandrasekharan, Shri. Mathew. T THOMAS, SH. AK Saseendran, Shri. Ramachandran Kadannappally are the members of the committee.
  6. In addition to other eligible benefits, the compensation will be given to those who lost their fishing tools and other crops.
  7. The moratorium announced for bank loans during the first phase of the flooding will also apply to the flood affected areas.
  8. The Onam celebrations of the government decided to avoid this time in the background of the monsoons. Onam celebrations will be utilized for the various departments of the government for relief work.

Online scheme

  1. UAE Exchange / LULU Exchanges have expressed their willingness to abandon service charge / commission to foreign Malayalees in the CM’s Relief Fund.
  2. The Central Government’s Unified Payment Interface (UPI) based system is also implemented in the website of the website www.kerala.gov.in.
  3. The receipt for this type of donation and the Income-tax benefit certificate is also provided in the system.
  4. The amount paid on the bank counters will be issued to the Income Tax remittance certificate within one day.
  5. If you have any support in this regard, please contact 155300.

Individuals and organizations to generously contribute to CM’s Relief Fund (CMDRF) in the wake of unprecedented monsoon season

Contributions must be sent to the account below.

A/c No : 67319948232

Bank : SBI City Branch,

TVM IFSC : SBIN0070028

Beneficiary Name : Chief Ministers Distress, Relief Fund


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