Vomit and condoms in British MP office and Workers fed up- Report

Vomit and used condoms has become a common sight in the United Kingdom Parliament offices. According to a report in The Sunday Times, cleaners have accused members of parliament (MPs) in Britain of trashing their workplace.

Plans are now afoot to introduce a service agreement to force the MPs and their staff to adhere to strict new rules about the appropriate use of their work space.

“It is the type of behaviour you would expect from students enjoying freshers’ week, not MPs and their staff,” a source told the publication. “But cleaners are being confronted with vomit and used condoms in offices used by MPs and their staff.”

The report added that the cleaning staff was “disgusted” and “fed up” with the condition of the offices.

A report in The Guardian quoted a worker of a cleaning company saying that he was not surprised at the discovery of the parliamentarians’ “unruly behaviour.” added a worker

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