Young India exposed the intruder’s exposure to food and clothing; A short film with a call to determine the course of Karnataka

A video is been now viral in the social media which breaks down the BJP campaign in Karnataka election. The video also indicates the voters of Karnataka to whom they should vote.

The video depicts the sanghparivar intervention to freedom of opinion, food, dress and moral policing. The video with 2.5 minute duration is been widely discussed in the new media platform.

The makers of the video says- This film reminds us of our basic rights and how it could all disappear ephemerally if we are not mindful of it. The wrong people could win if we don’t appreciate what we have. Watch this film about OUR RIGHT before it’s too late. VOTE RESPONSIBLY.

The short film makers argue that it’s for the people who think our basic rights are curtailed by some political groups. So Young india asks the people to vote keeping in mind that voting them will lead to movingout of these rights.

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