UNA gets appreciated by social media; walked 18 kms to help people isolated in rain

The kerala is facing severe rain and devastation which is not seeing in the recent times. The life is been misplaced in nilambur vatilakolli adivasi colony and the members of Nursing UNA has came forward with helping hands joining army. The UNA’s act has been widely received with applause in social media

The adivasi colony was isolated in rain and UNA national president Jasminsha and association members walked 18 kilometers to help the members in colony. they gave them medicine, food and other essentials.

The colony members are isolated from nilambur town as river is overflowing, so with military UNA members came to the colony and extended help.

UNA leaders Sujanapal Achuthan, shobby Joseph, Beljo Elias Pulickal, Haris Manalumpara, leesu micheal, Mini Boby, Anoop Varghese, Kiran Joshi lead the team helping the rain affected people.

UNA has decided to give 11 Lakhs to CMDRF and has also extended help from it member nurses in needed areas.

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