UAE prime minister tweets against Modi for Rejecting Help offered to Kerala

The Narendra Modi govt has decided not to receive the Help of foreign countries including UAE for relief works of Kerala. It has turned into a controversy and now UAE PM has came up criticising Narendra Modi. UAE Prime Minister HH Sheik Mohammed has tweeted Two tweets criticizing indian PM. Some rules will find happiness in making people beg and bringing them near to their doorsteps and tables .

The tweet that aims Modi is taking about two types of rulers. First kind is doing good deeds to people. They wishes to serve people. They finds happiness in making the life of others better. They also finds their betterment when the people. They will open the doors for help and always seeks the goodness of people.

While the second type of rulers are the type who will make easy things to difficult ones. they will see things in negative way. They will make the lives of people more miserable.

The second ones can only be overcomed by the first kind of rulers-shaik mohammed tweeted


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