Former Modi men PraveenTogadia to form new organisation to fight against Narendra Modi

VHP leader Praveen Togadia to form new organisation ‘hindu first’. The Modi- Amit Shah move has led Togadia to loose VHP election which was in his hands for past five decades. Raghav Reddy the supporter of Togadia has lost the organizational election to amit shah men V S Kokje former himachal Pradesh governor.

After the election failure Togadia has said that he is leaving the organisation. He was one of the persons behind the Modi’s growth as national face of bjp. Former hinduthwa leader also complains bjp has moved back from their major election campaign ram temple in Ayodha. He is too start fasting against bjp.

As per reports the issues with modi has led to the failure of Praveen Togadia in VHP organizational election. Now Togadia is making his moves to start new organisation and spear head protest against modi.

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