The mindless trolls; Sunny Leone get insulted for ‘bold’ picture with daughter

Sunny Leones’s husband Daniel Weber shared a new picture of himself with his wife and daughter Nisha on Father’s Day. Social media trolls just couldn’t stop themselves from insulting the family. Daniel, who is also Sunny’s manager, shared the post of the trio in a relaxed moment with his Instagram. They received several compliments and some negative comments, which are too vile to be reproduced here.

A section of the Internet though it was an inappropriate picture and schooled Sunny Leone for it. He wrote in Instagram “This is Fathers Day!!! The greatest love one can imagine !!! Thank You @sunnyleone for meeting Nisha Kaur and Falling in Love for both of us !!! You are always the one who knows Best. She is everything and has stole my heart forever !!!! Xoxoxo Thank You !!!!”

There are so many people who came in support of sunny and webber too. Some of them wrote “How to dress motherly? There is no answer… You trollers are idiot. Why are you so judgmental?” read one comment. Another Instagram user added: “This picture is perfect on so many levels. Love and best wishes from my side to #NishaKaur, Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber. So happy to see this wonderful family together.”

Leone has never shied away from acknowledging that she started her career as a porn star. Pornography is a legitimate industry in north America where she worked before moving to India.

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