The Kerala Model of communal harmony; Thrissur temple offers hall for Eid prayers

In a true example of communal harmony, a temple hall at Eravathur near Mala, on the southern part of Thrissur district turned into an Eid prayer hall on Wednesday as the nearby mosque at Kochukadavu remained submerged in flood waters.

The temple hall was was serving as the relief camp for the people of Kochukavdu and nearby Kuzhur — two worst hit areas due to floods in the district.

As the Muslims were searching for a place to conduct the Eid prayers on Wednesday, the SNDP Yogam, which runs the Purappullikkavu Ratneswari temple, happily offered the hall for them.

The temple trust also arranged all facilities for the Muslims, including water for the devotees to clean themselves before prayers. Around 200 Muslim devotees participated in the prayers.

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