The dream job; For sleeping NASA will pay 11 lakhs

Rs 11 lakh seems like quite the package deal, especially if your job literally entails long hours of sleep – 70 long dreamy days, to be precise. Most of us could actually do with some more sleep and the thought that someone would pay us to do that is just a tad bit overwhelming. *Wipes happy tears*

NASA is now offering a job that pays £12,000 (Rs 11,26,840) to sleep for 70 days! In order to see how the human body adapts to weightlessness, scientists are recruiting participants for a ‘bed rest’ study. The human test subject in this study will be monitored and must live, eat, and even shower in the same position as it causes the body, and cardiovascular system, to adapt as if it were in space.

The results will help astronauts in space and bed-ridden people on Earth. So getting away from the rat race, and sleeping through Mondays might just be the best job many of us may have heard of!

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