South Indian actress Swathi Reddy to marry Malayali

Actress Swathi Reddy, who has been working for more than 12 years in various languages — Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam — will marry Vikas Vasu at the end of this month. The news of her marriage making headlines has apparently caught her off guard. “I was taken aback when the news about my marriage flashed. I actually wanted to keep it under wraps and share the news only after our marriage. I even discussed the kind of comments that are pouring in with my fiancé, but he gave me courage and asked me not to bother,” says the actress. Swathi, says that her wedding will be a low-key affair.

“The marriage will be graced only by my close friends, family members and well wishers,” says Swathi. Apparently, it is an arranged marriage.

“Yes, we fell in love later. Vikas is a pilot and works for an international airlines. I discuss everything with him and we got to know each other very well,” she reveals.

While the wedding is taking place in Hyderabad on August 30, the reception will be held in Kochi on September 2. “That’s because he is a Keralite,” explains Swathi, adding, “The best thing about him is that he’s very simple and reserved. He knows and understands what I have gone through over the years, and doesn’t delve much into my film background.”

Ask whether she will quit films post marriage, and she replies, “Certainly not!” adding, ”Today’s scripts are so engaging and I enjoy being part of content-based films. I am looking forward to doing more films.”

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