Software engineer rides on a horse on last day of work, becomes internet sensation

A techie from Bengaluru has showed another way of making the last day at the office more interesting and unforgettable.

Roopesh Kumar Verma, who has been living in the city for eight years dressed in a blue shirt, and black trousers, with a laptop bag swung around his shoulder, trotted past the Bengaluru traffic on Thursday, becomes an overnight internet sensation in India.

Photos of him riding a horse apparently on his last day at work went viral. In the photos, he can be seen entering a building compound on a white horse, bearing a sign that says ‘last working day as a software engineer’.

Fed up with Bengaluru’s nightmarish traffic, Roopesh decided to get on his trusty steed instead.

“I did not know this would go this viral. This was my last working day and this was my way of taking my frustration out on traffic jams. There are traffic jams for which sometimes we have to wait as long as 30-40minutes on the same spot. There will be multiple solutions and we should use the huge IT resources we have. If we can solve one of the world’s most complex problems, why can’t we solve this problem?” The News Minute quotes Roopesh as saying.

The software engineer had learnt horse riding in his hometown, this was the first time he was using it as a mode of transport in Bengaluru. He started working as a techie in Bengaluru eight years ago, after completing engineering in Manipal.

Roopesh now wants to start his own start-up and is of the opinion that none of the IT professionals are happy with their jobs.

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