‘Security arrangements’ for Modi killed biker in state capital

A rope tied across the road by the police, without advance notice, has resulted in the death of a 21-year-old bike rider. Reni Robinson, son of Robinson David, a resident of Nalanda Road at Nanthancode in the capital city, died instantly as the rope slashed his neck on Friday, around midnight, near Manmohan Bungalow at Kowdiar.

The rope was pulled across the street to prevent vehicles from passing through the road as part of security preparations for the prime minister’s visit to the state capital.

Traffic was restricted on the road for a while as the prime minister had stayed at the Raj Bhavan. However, the public was not warned about the security arrangements.

Reni’s neck was cut and detached as he was rushed to hospital. He was declared dead on arrival.

Ribbons with reflector or traffic cones are normally used for restricting traffic, but the Thiruvananthapuram police accused the dead youth of driving at high speed.

They argued that Reni was riding too fast and couldn’t stop his vehicle even when the police signalled him. He lost control when he tried to stop the bike, they alleged.

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