Say bye to airplane mode: Airlines to offer in-flight connectivity soon

Soon you can browse the internet or make calls while you are in the skies. According to officials, if all went well within next three to four months, service providers and aviation companies will make calling possible while flying.

The Telecom Commission, the highest decision-making body at Indian government’s department of telecommunications (DoT), has approved the much-awaited proposal for in-flight connectivity at its meeting on May 1.

The in-flight connectivity services will be available once the aircraft reaches an altitude of 3,000 metres. This restriction is being imposed in order to maintain compatibility with terrestrial networks.

Currently, a number of foreign carriers offer in-flight connectivity, but only after they move out of the Indian skies.
The approval will allow airlines to cash in on the latent demand for Wi-Fi connectivity that they have been seeing in India as passengers are increasingly looking to stay connected during their flights.

According to reports, international carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa are soon likely to offer mobile connectivity on board flights in Indian airspace. Moreover, the pricing would be left to airlines.

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