RSS kerala mouthpiece slams Modi govt over decisions taken on kerala flood; Applause for Pinarayi Vijayan

Hours after an editorial criticising the Central government’s handling of the floods in Kerala and appreciating Kerala CM, RSS mouth piece Kesari withdrawn the editorial from their website saying it got hacked.

You can read the RSS mouthpiece Kesari editorial

Dear Sangh friends, Namaskar!

It is with great mental anguish that the editor of Kesari is publishing this note here today. It will be self-deception if I don’t openly state the utter neglect shown towards us Malayalis by the movement that we all trusted and believed in all these years. It will be a case of us deceiving you, Kerala and ourselves if we don’t state it.

We all know that Kerala is going through a most severe natural disaster. It is a time when every Malayali, going beyond the divisions of politics, has the opportunity to serve his land of birth in whatever way he can. That is our karma. The acharyas have taught us that our mothers and our land of birth are of more greatness than even heaven.

As we all know, floods don’t maintain any political differences. It is in places like Chengannur and Aranmula, where there are many sons of the Sangh, that the floods have wreaked the worst havoc. A good percentage of Sangh sons have become victims of this disaster.

This fact had been communicated to our State and Central leadership in timely fashion. However, for some petty political gains, they are punishing the whole of Kerala. This is not desirable now. If there is no Kerala, none of us will be there, neither you nor me. Alongside the feeling of Bharat, each son of the Sangh has to have pride in his heart for the feeling of Kerala too.

The victims of the flood disaster of Kerala are not to be thrust side and neglected solely for the reason that they are Keralites. We Keralites have the same rights as the citizens of the other states of the country.

It is necessary that disasters are seen as disasters, and proper relief measures undertaken. That should never be coloured by politics. In the initial stages of the relief operations, even those people who belonged to opposing political parties and who saw us as enemies, including Pinarayi Vijayan, kept on saying that the state was getting all needed assistance from Centre. It is the same political decency that we have to give them in return, in the face of such disaster. If we play politics in disaster, who knows whether we will not find ourselves in such a sorry situation tomorrow?

For that reason, in the present circumstances, taking into consideration Kerala’s safety, we need to react against the distorted policies of the central leadership. If we don’t do that, we won’t have answers to give the coming generations of tomorrow.

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