Regaining consciousness Arjun asks lying in ICU where is Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu and Arjun were activist from SFI and were good friend. They were always seen together. As fate has its way they were also stabbed together by campus front at the Maharajas College campus the other day. While Abhimanyu lost his life, Arjun is fighting for life after a surgery done on his liver.

The first thing Arjun enquired to his mother after regaining consciousness was “How is Abhimanyu?”. His mother couldn’t say anything else than to lie. She told him that Abhimanyu is still in the ICU. She feared the death news of the best friend might shatter Arjun.

Arjun has also requested his mother not to shift him to another college.“I wanted to take him with me. But couldn’t deny his request. I can only agree with him now. God has given my son back to me,” said Arjun’s mother.

Doctors have confirmed that Arjun’s condition is improving.

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