I called Ranjith to do a movie again; Rajinikanth talks about birth of ‘Kaala’

Rajinikanth revealed that it was he who had approached Ranjith for directing the movie. “First, I listened to a script from Vetrimaaran (‘Visaaranai’ director). He narrated a fantastic script, but it was politically driven. I was not planning to make my political foray then. So, I wanted to do a different film. Then, I called Ranjith and told him about the slums in (Mumbai’s) Dharavi and the Tamils residing there for years,” he said.

“I warned Ranjith that Kaala should be a Rajinikanth film in Ranjith’s style unlike ‘Kabali’ which was a Ranjith movie. There is politics in ‘Kaala’ but it’s not a political drama. Ranjith is a great human being who cares for his community and his people a lot,” Rajinikanth revealed.

The veteran actor said the director camped in Dharavi slums for weeks to do research for the film.Rajinikanth, who announced his political plunge on New Year’s eve, clarified that the film is not political in nature.

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