Police driver Gavaskar rejects mercy plea of IPS officer’s daughter

The assault case against the daughter of an IPS officer will be fought in courts as her alleged victim, police driver Gavaskar, has refused to call truce. After the woman’s lawyer conveyed to Gavaskar’s lawyer that she was willing to apologise, Gavaskar made his stand clear that he won’t allow any compromise in a case where he is ostensibly on a sound footing.

The daughter of additional director general of police (ADGP) Sudesh Kumar was prompted to express her intention to apologise to Gavaskar along the lines of Kerala MLA Ganesh Kumar who had recently bought peace by apologising to a youth and his mother as an assault case was filed against him after a spat over parking. She moved for compromise after the Crime Branch probe reached its final stages. All evidence support Gavaskar as of now, and the police team hasn’t received any evidence that boosts the woman’s desperate counter-complaint against him.

With Gavaskar and family rejecting any compromise deal, the Crime Branch has decided to strengthen the driver’s case and will request for the woman’s secret testimony in court.

The case is that the ADGP’s daughter assaulted Gavaskar when he was driving her and her mother back home in a car after their morning exercise at Kanakakkunnu. Doctors say he has sustained spinal injury after the attack with a mobile phone on his neck.

The woman later lodged a complaint that Gavaskar had assaulted her.

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