Police Driver files complaint against ADGP’s daughter for attacking him

Police driver complaints against the attack of daughter of senior police officer. A driver working for additional director-general of police (ADGP) Sudesh Kumar filed a complaint of assault against the daughter of the senior officer. The police driver, Gavaskar, attached to the ADGP heading the Armed Police Battalion sought medical care at the Perurkada Taluk hospital.

According to the police driver Gavaskar he had driven the young woman and her mother to the Kanakakunnu Palace in the Kerala capital for a morning walk in the official vehicle.

While returning, the woman started abusing the driver inside the car following which he pulled up on the roadside. The annoyed woman reportedly took her phone out and hit Gavaskar on the neck and shoulders.

Gavasakar said that abuses from the family of the officer were nothing new and he had complained to the ADGP himself regarding the rude behaviour.This could have irked the woman, he said.

Responding to the incident, police associations said that this was testimony to the abuses suffered by camp followers.

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