Police doubts ‘Drishyam Model’ in Jesna Missing Case

A police team probing the disappearance of college student Jesna Maria James is likely to conduct a search at a plot where her father James has the task of constructing a house. The said property is at Enthayar in Mundakkayam. The police had examined the spot a week ago after the local action council had raised some doubts, but they are attempting another search at the partially built house after receiving some crucial tips through letters that public had deposited in drop boxes.

Jesna could have been buried in the plot as was shown in the popular 2015 movie ‘Drishyam’, one probability hinted by local public suggested. These boxes were placed by the police at Mukkottuthara and at the Kanjirapally college where Jesna studied. The police had asked people to leave any confidential information they had in the letter boxes.

The construction of the house, with two rooms, a drawing room and kitchen was stopped in July 2017. It was one of the houses that a local college was making for accommodating poor students. Though James was assigned the contract, he had stopped the construction midway after only the walls came up. Public doubt something sinister as no satisfactory explanation was given as to why the work was suddenly stopped.

Another factor that gave rise to suspicion was that soil inside some part of the building was found unsettled and there were no patch of grass over there, whereas grass had grown on the floor of two rooms amid the rains.

Meanwhile, the police team has also collected details of Jesna’s phone conversation with the help of the cyber cell. All messages she had sent to a male friend have been recovered. Though he was grilled 20 times, another round of interrogation is possible.

It is also said forensic experts are assisting in the probe after a piece of blood-stained cloth was discovered from Jesna’s house.

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