Planning to visit Coorg? reschedule your Coorg trip after September 9

Are you planning to visit Scotland of India? if yes this week is not the best time to plan your Coorg trip. As the relief operations and repairing are continuing in the area, the ban on the visit of tourists to Kodagu district has been extended till September 9.

With Kodagu reeling under rain havoc, the authorities asked home-stays, resorts, and hotels not to make any bookings till Sept 9. The Kodagu District Administration has also warned that action would be taken against which are facilitating the visit of tourists to areas hit by the recent floods and landslides.

The Kodagu District Administration had earlier banned tourist entry to the flood-ravaged district till Aug.31.

A press release from Deputy Commissioner P.I. Sreevidya said that road connectivity in several parts of the district was yet to be established. She said that it was still raining and the visit of tourists to affected areas would put their safety at stake.

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