New social media platform trends in country; Orkut founder comebacks with ‘hello’

In the wake of security treats of Facebook, users were leaving Facebook. This has made facebook to loose huge number of its users. Many people including celebrities has come out asking to delete Facebook account.

New social media platform hello utilizes the present situation of facebook. The founder of Orkut, Buyukkoten is behind the new trending social networking platform hello. Facebook has also got a major setback in India has many social media users has shifted to hello.

Hello has been launched in India on last Wednesday. Presently new platform is available in 12 countries including America, Canada and Brazil. As per reports at the launching time orkut has received wide acceptance in the country. This has made Buyukkoten to launch hello in India.

Hello Network has a Potential feature, that links people in a common location who share common interests. Through its direct messaging feature, Hello Network users can share images, gifts and expressions, and expand their connections. On the Hello Network, users get points on the basis of their interactions and connections.

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