Only 19 % of Indian population is accessing internet

New Delhi: According to the report titled “After Access: ICT access and use in India and the Global South”, a mere 19 per cent of Indian population is viable to access the provision of internet. 19 per cent of people ranging within the age group of 15-65 years are the only ones who are able to connect with the world via internet as per the study published by Lirneasia, a policy and regulation in association with the Cellular Operators Association f India.

Around 35 per cent of those in the age group are aware of internet apparently. Report says, “the lack of internet awareness is a considerable problem in India, with just 35 per cent of the 15-65 years old being aware of what internet is indicate that the level of usage in even lower than 19 per cent.

“India has managed to connect around 20 per cent of the adult people whom you would expect to be online. And the contradiction is that, India is one of the most affordable markets across the globe”, says Helani Galpaya, Chief Executive Officer of Lirneasia.

Apart from this, 27 per cent of the total internet users within the age group of 15-65 years spend their time mostly on social media.

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