One killed and four Injured in a wedding Ceremony due to shortage of food

It began like any wedding, guests arrived at the ceremony in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballila who later gathered around the food section to get their share of the wedding spread. Things then took an expected turn.

The ceremony at Vikrampur area, ran out of serving plates leading to a heated argument, resulting in the death of a 20-year-old man, injuring 4 others.

According to station officer Nanhu Yadav of Maniyar, the guests attended the ceremony last night where they were served snacks of some kind. Hours later, the event organisers ran of out plates used to serve food to the invitees. The incident provoked guests and led to heated argument.

Five people were injured as a result of the fight, Mr Yadav told PTI, adding that the injured were taken to a hospital nearby.

One of five guests, Vishal, 20, died while on the way to the hospital, the officer said.”We are investigating the incident,” Mr Yadav added.

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