Nisha Sarang accuses Uppum Mulakum director of harassment

At a time when Malayalam movie industry under a lot of fire regarding women’s safety and rights is quite in question. Malayalam actress Nisha Sarang accused a director of harassment.

Actress Nisha Sarang, best known as the female lead Neelima of the popular TV series Uppum Mulakum, has made some serious charges against R Unnikrishnan, director of the series.

In a TV interview, the actress made some serious allegations against the director. She says that has been sending her obscene messages through WhatsApp in spite of she warning him many times.

When he tried to have sexual advances, she complained the same to Flowers Channel MD Sreekandan Nair and to his wife. Although he was given warning, nothing changed even then, she said.

She has made it clear that she will work in Uppum Mulakum again only after the director is replaced.

Uppum Mulakum, which portrays the life of a middle-class family is one of the most viewed television show on Malayalam television. It as a huge fan following in social media too.

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