New Rebel association to replace AMMA and FEFKA

A new association is likely to replace AMMA and FEFKA in the Malayalam film industry. The new association aims at including all people working in the industry. The group will be formed under the leadership of the directors Ashiq Abu and Rajeev Ravi.

100 people have produced a statement against the reinstatement of Dileep into AMMA and supporting the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) as a first stage of the formation of the alternate association. Further moves will occur when Ashiq returns from abroad. They are also planning to meet CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

The new move would focus on every individual members instead of getting star-centric. It will join all like-minded people. People facing troubles in AMMA and FEFKA may join the association. It is not an alternate group but instead concentrates on joining people working in various sectors of film like the WCC does. Lovers of cinema can also become its part.

“A senior leader of FEFKA is acting as a mediator between the government and associations. His interference is preventing the issues from being presented in the right way before the government,” said one of the persons behind the new group. People close to Ashiq Abu was infuriated on the attack unleashed at him by FEFKA.

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