New born baby taken in ambulance in record time to save life

An hour-old newborn infant was transported from Manjeri Medial College to Sree Chitra Institute of Medical Sciences in Thiruvananthapuram for heart-related issues, thanks to the determination shown by the ambulance driver Sreejith who covered the distance of 366 km in 5 hrs.

The baby was born to a native of Tuvvur in a caesarean delivery. An ECG test conducted on the baby diagnosed a heart beat which was less than 60 per minute. A serious defect in the heart was found in a detailed checkup conducted by the doctors including Shini, Sudhi, Neha and Shibu Kizhakathra. Parents of the infant were not financially fit to meet the cost of treatment in the private hospital. Soon, her case was registered in ‘Hridyam’, a special scheme for newborns with Congenital Heart Defects considered as per the suggestion of doctors.

Preparations to take the baby to Sree Chitra started after receiving an order at 9.30 pm. The journey began and the ambulance with ventilator facility arrived at the hospital from Kozhikode.

Coordinators of ‘Hridyam’ initiative and police lead the mission. ‘All Kerala Driver Freakers’ cleared the way for the ambulance. The ambulance which began its journey on Tuesday 11.45pm reached the destination at 4.40am.

The baby was admitted to the ICU after implanting a pacemaker. The decision about conducting an immediate surgery will be taken after observation. The hospital authorities informed that the baby’s health was stable.

The baby’s mother is admitted to the Manjeri Medical College.

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