Mystery death of 15 goats: Farmer blames neighbour

Following the death of his 15 goats on Friday evening, a farmer has claimed that his neighbour had poisoned the animals over an existing crop damage feud between them.

On Friday evening, the animals had returned home after grazing in the reserved forests, but soon died mysteriously. Their 42- year-old owner, Ramasamy of Hajaampatti village in Pappireddipatti taluk here, claimed that his neighbour, Madhu, poisoned the animals to death.

According to Ramasamy, the animals while returning home had consumed water kept in plastic buckets by Madhu, who was not on good terms with him.
He doubted that Madhu could have kept poison laced water to kill his goats as a revenge, since these animals had earlier damaged his crops.

Based on a complaint lodged with the police by Ramasamy, cops questioned Madhu who admitted to mixing a chemical substance in the water, but said that it was not targeted at his neighbour’s goats. It was aimed to kill wild animals that raided his crops, he said.

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