mohanlal threatens to Resign from A.M.M.A over Dileep row

The decision of Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (A.M.M.A) to join as party in the actress attack case was arrived after severe verbal battles and altercations. Ever since the letter by A.M.M.A demanding a woman judge to hear the case was kept under cold storage, matters reached a stage where actor Mohanlal even threatened to resign from A.M.M.A.

The discussions held after the press meet by Mohanlal on July 10 kick-started the line of incidents. The resignation of 4 actresses from the movie association put A.M.M.A in a tight spot and the film association was making attempts for a reconciliation.

A.M.M.A felt that if it does not extend support to the attacked actress, then the image of the association may be tarnished. Mohanlal was of the view that his image may be smeared if he does not take a positive approach. A few actors in the executive committee too extended support to the actress.

A.M.M.A decided to file a plea to the government demanding appointment of a woman judge and shift the hearing of the case to Thrissur. The letter was prepared and A.M.M.A was ready to hand it over to the chief minister. Coming to know of this, a faction of Dileep supporters tried to influence the influential office-bearers from going ahead with this. Moves were made not to file the complaint with the government and there are reports that Dileep supporters were actively involved in jeopardizing it.

Mohanlal was unhappy to know that a decision taken by him was being sabotaged and he threatened to resign from the movie association. General secretary Edavela Babu intervened in the issue for a patch up with Mohanlal and it yielded results. Mohanlal withdrew from his resignation threat. Lal had voiced at some stage, without directly mentioning the name of the actor, on why he fears if innocent and why is he trying to interfere and sabotage everything.

After it was made sure that the complaint would not be filed with the government, the supporters of the attacked actress decided to join as party in the case. Even Mohanlal backed this. With the permission of Mohanlal, executive members Rachana Narayanankutty and Honey Rose decided to join as party in the case and forwarded a request to the High Court. Rachana and Honey will support the actress request to appoint a woman judge in the case.

Meanwhile, there are reports that actor Dileep had held discussions with senior counsel Mukul Rohatgi in New Delhi.

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