Meet Tamilarasan; The man who pledged will not marry until the company close down dies in the protest

The Story of a man who Said he will not get married until the starlite shuts down

In 1996,Tamilarasan a twenty three year old man has started to protest against starlite. It was in the beginning period of the company. So nobody noticed his protest. But hee was farsighted about the consequence of company and he intensified the protest.

Slowly People begin to listen him and he and his family took part in many of the protests. The company has grown up. When Tamilarasan turned 30, his family want him to get married. But he said, he will not get married until the starlite shuts down, says valarmathi, his sister.

His house situated in kurukusaalai Village. He was working in a private company. When the continues protest was decided, he was there in front of the protest. He was dreaming that this time the factory will be shutting down and he can get married. But he was shot dead. While going to the protest, he wore a new dress. Said valarmathi. He kept 20,000 rupees to help the protesters. He was aimed because he was one of the frontrunners of the protest. His dead body is kept in Tuticorin government hospital. Valarmathi said that they won’t take the body until the factory shuts down

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