Massive Air pollution affects many; Says Researchers

New Delhi: It has been found that around 660 millions of Indians are being affected by massive air pollution as they resides at the areas where the fine particulate matter exceeds the permissible limit, says the report titled “A Roadmap Towards cleaning India’s air” by a group of researchers from the University of Chicago and Harvard Kennedy School.

The report draws learnings from functioning with different state pollution control boards over the previous years according to the officials of Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC-India). The EPIC-India researchers have created an Air Quality life Index (AQLI), a metric which facilitates means to predict the overall reduction in life expectancy rate caused due to living in areas with excessive air pollution.

The report recommends improving emissions monitoring by aligning incentives of auditors, providing regulators with real time data on polluter’s emissions, applying charges for excess emissions, informing the public about the polluters and the utilization of markets to reduce abatement costs and pollution.

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