Man swims across overflowing river to feed animals trapped in islet

A man who lives near the overflowing Periyar river found the cry for life of the animals trapped in the islet unbearable. He could not ignore it for long. So he decided to feed them risking his own life.

He swam across the tributary of Periyar with the food for the animals. A goat had already starved to death. He fed all other animals there and returned. The animals got trapped in an islet in Periyar near Thadiyampadu and have been starving for days. Pigs, buffaloes, cows, dogs and goats were kept in a shed in the islet by their owner.

When three shutters of Idukki dam were opened, the islet was not isolated. But when all the five shutters were raised, water surrounded it.

The animals have been starving for four days and they kept crying aloud. The man risked his life in the overflowing river after hearing the pathetic cry.

He swam across the river 2-3 times the other day carrying rice, cooked it after reaching the islet and fed the dogs and pig.

Also he cut some leaves for the cows, buffalo and goats. He expects that the authorities will take action to rescue the animals.

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