Lulu group initiate process to build international sports complex in Kerala

Lulu group interested to build international sports complex in Kerala. The Lulu group chairman MA Yousuf Ali has initiated the process. Lulu group chairman has shown interest to build the sports complex in Nedumabassery airport model with government- and private partnership. The initial idea put forward by Lulu group is in such a way that stadium can be used for many sports including cricket and football.

Rather than football and cricket the sports complex will include space for tennis, badminton, boxing, volleyball etc. The sports complex will feature facilities to conduct international matches. it will be built under government- private partnership and will also give opportunity for public to be part of the project. all the details have been handed over to government and Chief minister said Yosuf Ali.

As per the reports Lulu group is awaiting the government’s decision. If the project happens then it will make a space for all the sports events to happen at one place. Lulu decision came after major business groups steps into sports.

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