KSRTC makes record collection in May; crosses 200 crore

KSRTC has set a new record in its monthly collection even amidst crisis. For the first time, the transport corporation’s monthly earnings crossed Rs 200 crore riding on efficient service delivery.

The figure of Rs 207.35 during May 2018 was achieved by deploying more buses in service and posting inspectors for point duty to conduct services strictly according to the routes.

The monthly earnings during May 2017 were Rs 185.61 crore. The figure for December 2017 was Rs 195.21 crore and January 2018 was Rs 195.24 crore. However, these record collections were achieved mainly due to Sabarimala special services.

Meanwhile, the corporation is finding it difficult to handle the frequent rise in fuel prices and the concession offered to students. KSRTC incurs an extra expense of Rs 7.5 crore a month due to hike in fuel price.

KSRTC is now planning to increase its income by conducting services in non-notified routes instead of cancelling services on holidays. The corporation MD Tomin J Thachankary has issued orders to transfer drivers and conductors to depots facing staff shortage on working arrangement. Another order bans the monthly meetings organized by union leaders in all depots. If this order is violated, participants at the meetings will lose that day’s salary.

KSRTC offers concessional travel to students up to plus two. When students choose KSRTC buses instead of private buses, the passengers paying full fare avoid the corporation buses. In other states where concessional fares are offered to students, the governments there give a subsidy. But when the KSRTC approached the state government with the plea to implement a similar subsidy here too, it had to face disappointment.

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