Prime accused in Kevin Murder case Shanu sacked from his job in Dubai

Shanu Chacko, the prime accused in the abduction and murder of Kevin P Joseph for marrying Shanu’s sister Neenu against the family’s decision, has lost his job in Dubai.

Shanu was working as an electrician in Dubai. The company has informed Shanu that he has been sacked from the job.

The owner of the company expressed regret in giving emergency leave to Shanu to visit Kerala. The company owner said that Shanu will not be allowed to enter the company if he returns for work.

Shanu had pleaded and requested emergency leave saying that his sister ran away and his father is not well. I did not know that he had such a criminal intention, the company owner said.

Shanu Chacko reached Kerala after coming to know that Kevin Jose and Neenu had conducted register marriage. Later, Kevin was abducted and murdered by a gang lead by Shanu.

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