Karthick Naren comes back with thriller and leaves suspense; Watch naragasooran Trailer

After the critically acclaimed Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, Karthick Naren is back with yet another thriller titled Naragasooran and it looks like the director is delivering yet another intriguing drama.

The latest trailer reveals the setting of Naragasooran in a hamlet — tucked away from the city — in the misty mountains. Caught up in the myths and dangerous mystery of this small town are the lead couples played by Arvind Swami and Shriya Saran, and Sundeep Kishan and Aathmika. Also playing an important role in this dramatic thriller is Indrajith Sukumaran as a police officer looking to unravel the mystery. The leads manage to hold our attention so far with engaging monologues throughout the trailer.

The small town is said to be haunted by Naragasooran and now the leads, along with going through the circumstances, seem to be chasing the truth. The screenplay so far also establishes flashes of chemistry between Arvind and Shriya, which also seems to form an important part of the main plot.

What is it that is driving Arvind and Indrajith crazy? And what is the fatal accident that the lead is constantly referring to in the trailer? All these and more questions pop up as the trailer, much like the first teaser released last year, leaves us curious by without revealing too much. Karthick very much keeps the plot intact and leaves us guessing.

With music composed by Ron Ethan Yohann, Naragasooran has already created much hype for being Karthick’s highly anticipated thriller and expectations of it matching up the 2016’s Dhuruvangal Pathinaru are abuzz.

The upcoming Tamil thriller is all set to release worldwide on 31 August.

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