Jesna Missing Case; CCTV visuals makes break through in case

The CCTV visuals of Jesna, who had gone missing from Vechuchira, was found from a shop in Mundakayam. The visuals were found at the shop near the bus stand in Mundakayam town.

The visuals in this camera were unable to be retrieved and was lost due to lightening. The police recovered them with the help of high-tech cell. The police got the visuals when the court was considering the request for a CBI probe into the case. These visuals might become a turning point in the investigation.

The visuals show Jesna walking in front of the shop near the bus stand on March 22 11.44 AM. A boy, who was identified as Jesna’s friend, is also seen walking behind her after 6 minutes. But the reports say that the visuals don’t show them together.

The family members and classmates confirmed that the girl seen in the visuals is Jesna. The classmates have also identified the boy. According to the statement of the eye witnesses, Jesna had worn a churidar while leaving home. But, the visuals show her in jeans and top.

Jesna was carrying two bags. One was a small bag which could contain a purse. The visuals indicate that she might have done shopping after reaching Mundakayam. Police doubt that she had spent half an hour in the place. But, it isn’t confirmed yet.

The police should also find the place where she had changed the dress and if she has met the boy. The police hope that these visuals will become a breakthrough in the case.

Jesna who left home for visiting her dad’s sister had gone missing since March 22. Witnesses said that they have seen her in a bus in Erumeli. The police have also received CCTV visuals which confirm the witness accounts.

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