Its Media hunted me down not Police; Siddique on Actress abduction case

Malayalam actor Siddique slammed media while talking in a program organised by a media house. He said that it was the media which had ‘hunted him down and invaded his privacy’.

Siddique said the media had called him a ‘murderer’ when he lent his support to a fellow actor who was yet to be proven guilty in the February 17, 2017, Kochi actress abduction case. As the media got a jab and the audience apparently liking it, he went on to say that the police had never interfered in his life the negative way.

On being pointedly asked whether the police had a different approach to high-profile cases, Siddique said the Puducherry tax evasion case was handled well by the police. Speaking for his fraternity, Siddique said of the around 450 actors in Malayalam cinema, only three had evaded tax and they had made good by paying up fines. He asked whether others were being hauled up for similar offences.

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