Inmates of Convent blocks minister’s car to complain about elephant attacks

Inmates of Deepti convent are anguished over the continuing attacks caused by wild elephants in the area. Elephants intrude into the compound several times in a month. To bring to light the elephant attack that has been rampant in the area, sister Rincy, a convent inmate, decided to block Minister for Forests K Raju’s official vehicle to highlight the issue. The nun blocked the minister on the way to a dairy farmers’ meet inauguration at Sholayur.

The convent is situated on the main road near the Sholayur market. Wild elephants destroyed the gate of the convent 5 times. Walls, cattle shed, tapioca and coconut cultivation were also destroyed. The neighbouring houses also faced the same degree of damages.

The nun blocked the car in front of the convent to convey her grievances. She asked the minister to visit the places destroyed by elephants. However, she didn’t budge when security officers said that the minister will visit and hear her complaints. The nun asked the minister to alight from the vehicle, saying ‘sitting inside the car you can’t see the damaged places.’

Minister has announced projects to save the people from elephant attack.

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