Immense popularity for duck farming at home among Keralites

Kochi: Duck farming at home is attaining wider popularity in Kerala. The possibilities of this farming is quite profitable even when five to ten ducks are being grown at home. The ducks can be feed on the foods in measurable quantity which makes the farming cost effective.

They will feed on the food remains that we throw out and worms on the yards. The breeds such as Kakkikambal, Chempalli and mixed breeds can be grown at home. Mixed breeds can be fed with water even in a pot and there is no requirement in constructing separate water bodies for them. The quantity of water would be accurate if it is equivalent to the head level of the bird.

The ducks will be laying eggs when they become five months old. Organic farming and duck farming running parallel would also be ideal for obtaining eggs as ducks feed mostly on organic food remains. The bird excreta can be used as manure for vegetable farming at home. Giving medicines and vitamins for ducks on a regular basis would eventually raise the production of eggs. Vaccination against Ranikhet disease should also be given for the ducklings in the first week of their birth itself.

The ducklings can be obtained from Niranam Duck Farm, operated by Kerala Government, Veterinary University Poultry Farm located at Mannuthy or from any other legally authorized duck nurseries.

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