I support the stand taken by the WCC; Kamal Hassan slams AMMA

Veteran actor and politician Kamal Haasan slammed the decision of the Association of the Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) to re-induct actor Dileep into its fold even as he is an accused in the 2017 actress attack case. Backing Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), Haasan said, “Dileep should have been taken back only after a discussion. I support the stand taken by the WCC.”

He aslo said that mindless censoring in films and the growing tendency to dictate terms to filmmakers.

“Everybody is talking about freedom in art. But is there really a freedom like that? Censorship still exists in certain circumstances. What we need is a certificate, not cuts in cinema, director Shyam Benegal had once said. But the censor board is interested in giving instructions to film producers. It should be left to the freedom of people as to what they should view and what they shouldn’t,” Haasan stated.

“All we need is a certificate marking what is for children and what for adults, not cuts,” he added.

The budding politician said he was never afraid of questions, instead, he liked them since he believed that questions sculpted him as a person. He added that freedom is the foundation of a democratic government and since people themselves have become good actors, he need not act now.

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