I am Proud of Ratsasan; Amala Paul

Amala Paul walks into the room with a smile accompanied by Vishnu Vishal, her co-actor in Ratsasan, director Ram Kumar and producer Dilli Babu. She begins the meeting showing the trailer and teaser of Ratsasan and says, “It may be the first time a Tamil movie’s promotions happen after its release in Kerala. Usually, we do the promotional works before the release. We are here now because Ratsasan is getting good feedback from everywhere.”

In the movie, she plays the role of a school teacher opposite Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu–fame Vishnu, who appears as a police officer. A psycho thriller Ratsasan narrates the story of Arun Kumar, an aspiring filmmaker, who is forced to leave his dream behind and take up the role of a police officer due to family constraints. Meanwhile, a series of murders happen in Chennai city. The movie shows how his intuitions help him solve the cases.

“The initial part of the movie is, in fact, inspired from the director’s life itself. He approached almost 20 producers to finance the movie, but none agreed to do it because Ratsasan is different from the typical Tamil movie,” says Amala, who herself rejected the offer first.

“I rejected the movie first because I failed to get the depth of the character and story. Ram is a shy person and he quickly narrated the story even without looking at me. To be honest, I didn’t understand the relevance of the movie and hence I denied it. Later, Vishnu (Vishal) called me up and told the story in detail. And, I agreed to do it. Though Ram couldn’t explain it properly, he executed it brilliantly,” she smiles.

“I am grateful to Vishnu for calling me. Hadn’t he done that, I would have missed such a project. Ratsasan is a project I can be proud of,” she adds.

The movie discusses social issues, mainly safety of women. “When you hear the word thriller, you might expect a lot of murders in it. However, Ratsasan is not just that. It can be enjoyed by all sorts of audience, especially teenage girls,” says Vishnu. “It discusses pressures teenage girls face from their homes and how others exploit the situation. We did not expect such a response from the viewers while doing it,” says the director. “I have always appreciated Malayali audience’s choice of movies. They prefer movies with good content. I hope they will like Ratsasan,” he sums up.

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