Nature lovers efforts went in vian; orphaned hornbill died

Two weeks after a Malabar grey hornbill was found dead in the Athirappilly forest with fruits inside its beak, nature lovers were now deeply saddened by the death of its orphaned chick.

Female hornbills lay their eggs in tree trunks and seals the entrance with mud and dropping from the inside, leaving only a small opening for the male hornbill to feed the mother and chicks. The hornbill that was hit by a passing vehicle while bringing food to mother and chick. environmental activist Baiju Vasudevan found the died hornbill and his search with forest department employees found the chick and mother.

They found the orphaned family in a nest on a tree in the area after searching for a day. They supplied the hornbill with fruits after climbing the tree. The mother was taking friuts which the nature lovers were giving and four days ago it broke open the seal and flew away. chick was left in the nest and the forest staff continued to feed it.

On Friday, they were shocked to see the chick dead in the nest. They could pat themselves in the back for having been able to save the mother at least. Hornbill chicks normally live in the nest for a few more days after the mother breaks and flew away

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