High Court appreciates Kerala Govt for Nipah prevention

High Court praised the attempts of Kerala government for implementing effective steps to prevent the fatal Nipah virus outbreak in the state. The court appreciated the actions of the government to check the misunderstandings about Nipah.

The court congratulated the health department for offering selfless service beyond their set responsibilities. The division bench also honoured the central government that offered help during the crisis.

Nipah case was confirmed at Perambra in Kozhikode district in the first week of May. All people who were affected with Nipah virus died except two. The actions taken by the health department to prevent the disease in the lack of adequate treatment has come to fruition. Thus, Nipah fear was relieved by the first week of June.

Naturopath Jacob Vadakkanchery and Ayurvedic doctor Mohanan Vaidyar have responded on the social media against the Nipah virus cases. They alleged that the Nipah virus outbreak was a creation of the foreign drug manufactures. The court was commenting while accepting the case filed by law students that requested to remove those videos on social media. The government informed the court that they have given instructions to remove the videos.

The case was accepted by the bench that included Acting Chief Justice Hrishikesh Roy and Justice C T Ravi Kumar.

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