Hanan Hamid suffers serious injuries in an accident: FB user shoots viral video

The Kerala college girl Hanan Hamid who shot to fame after media covered her story of selling fish to raise money for her studies and to take care of her family went viral on social media recently, met with an accident on Monday.

The car she was travelling rammed an electric pole at Kodungallur and Hanan suffered serious injuries to her spine. Hanan was rushed to the ICU of Modern Multi Specialty Hospital in Thrissur. She was later referred to the Medical Trust Hospital in Ernakulam for expert treatment. The driver of the car escaped without injuries.

When she was undergoing treatment in the ICU a Facebook user barges into Hanan’s ICU with the intention to shoot a video for a Facebook page.

Rajesh Raman with a view to making a viral video invaded to the ICU of Kodungalloor Modern Hospital and went live on Facebook with Hanan. In an insensitive act, in the video, Rajesh is seen forcing Hanan to speak about her condition.

The Facebook live video went viral on social media within minutes and received much criticism.

Hanan, a third-year chemistry student who won applauds from thousands including CM Pinarayi Vijayan for her courage and determination.

Very recently Hanan made headlines by donating Rs 1.5 lakh for flood relief activities in Kerala.

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