The girl put under ‘house arrest’ by BJP leader for loving a Muslim man

A WhatsApp video uploaded by a girl who was locked in a house for falling in love with a man belonging to Muslim religion has caught the BJP in political pressure. The girl, who was kept in the house with the help of a BJP leader in Mangaluru, was freed by the Karnataka police recently. She was presented before the court and is now staying at the Mahila Mandiram in Mangaluru under police protection.

The girl through the video was appealing for help and said that she was under house arrest at a house belonging to a BJP leader. The police took action after the video went viral.

Meanwhile, the police refused to disclose more details about the case in view of the upcoming Assembly election in Karnataka. It was at a house owned by a BJP leader in Barke police station limits in Mangaluru that the girl was locked. According to some people, the BJP leader had only helped the girl’s mother to find the accommodation.

The girl, belonging to Thrissur, had uploaded the video seeking help while she was staying with her mother. Her release took place on May 1. Though the local police remained quiet about the incident, everyone knew about it when the girl was taken to the Mahila Mandiram.

In the video lasting around three minutes, the girl says that this could be her last video. “I am sending this video under severe threat to my life. There is a big risk involved. If something happens to me tomorrow, the blame will entirely be on my mother. There is no end to the sufferings I endured during the past two years. For two months, I was even admitted to a hospital in Kochi for psychiatric treatment. Afterwards, for another two months, I was detained in an orphanage run by the RSS,” she says.

The girl reveals that she was staying at a house rented with the help of the BJP in Mangaluru. “The man who brought me here is a nasty fellow. My mother is now going to our native place leaving me with him. I have not gone to our native place for two years. People there believe that I am employed here and looking after my mother. But that is not the reality,” says her video.

According to the girl, she gets beaten up whenever she expresses her wish to visit their native place. “My body is covered with bruises. I have received no support from my father’s family members. I have survived all this torture somehow for two years. But I have now lost hope and is sending this video,” she says.

“The BJP is in full force here. My stay, which was supposed to last just two weeks, has now extended to two years. If they come to know that I have used a phone, they will kill me. Please help me; save me from this confinement,” pleads the girl, concluding the video appeal.

After the video came to the notice of the Mangaluru city police, they conducted a probe, which led to the rented house where the girl was detained. When the police arrived to rescue the girl, her mother was also there. A case was registered against the mother for keeping her daughter in illegal confinement. She was later let off on temporary bail. When the girl refused to go with her mother, the Mangaluru second class judicial magistrate court sent her to the Mahila Mandiram.

Two months ago, a mobile phone had come in the girl’s possession and she sent the video on WhatsApp to her lover which went viral.

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